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Shimla is an existing heaven in India situated in the foothills of the Himalayas. Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, one of India’s exotic states, where mountains stand like soldiers filled with greenery in summer and snow in winter seasons. Shimla is filled with alluring green forests and pleasant weather. When Britishers were ruling India, they had declared Shimla as their summer capital because they had fallen in love with that location.

Shimla is such a pleasing location that no human will be satisfied by visiting the place once, and it attracts us to see the site again and again. 

Thousands of tourists visit Shimla every year to enjoy its beauty peacefully, keeping this in mind. The tourist ministry of India and the hotels association of Himachal Pradesh have collectively contributed and built plenty of hotels in and around Shimla in the last few decades. So as a visitor, you will have a pleasant experience.

We will take you on a verbal tour by giving you a glimpse of places in Shimla for you to enjoy with family and friends.


Shimla is a tiny city loaded with a pack of adventures filled with colonial-style buildings. The joy ride starts from “Mall Road,” the best place for shopping for a wide range of products with mouth-watering food varieties. If you’re a fitness freak and adventure lover, Jakhoo Hill is the best place to visit once in a lifetime to get the darshan of lord Hanuman’s most giant statue situated in the highest peaks of Shimla and also witness the cute mischiefs of monkeys out there. The other popular tourist destinations are scandal point, which has a lovely story behind its name and also visit the Ridge popular for its snow-capped mountains, famous lakkar Bazaar, Annadale army museum, Townhall, Chadwick falls, kali bari temple, Bird park and many more… The best experience you will remember for a lifetime is going on a fun ride for at least two stations on the troy train.

As a traveler, making time to visit all these places are a must, the best solution for this is to look at the best hotels which are very much near to all these breathtaking locations. Our hotel’s recommendation to you is Royale Retreat, which is exceptionally nearly all these beautiful locations.

The doubt that strikes everyone’s mind is that, which is the best time to visit Shimla to have a better experience?

June and July are the months when trees give life to new budding leaves, and that’s the best time to visit Shimla, where you can have the chance to get a good view of Shimla filled with greenery. In the month of May and September, Shimla’s streets come alive, where thousands of tourists rush into Shimla to escape from the heat of summer. The ones who love to chill in the snow can visit Shimla in December and January to encaptivate the snow-capped mountains with fun activities conducted by the locals.

It doesn’t matter which season you visit Shimla. It is filled with loads of breathtaking views and adventures to give its visitors in every season.


Shimla has a wide range of hotels, guesthouses & resorts to stay in and get the best view. Royale Retreat is one such hotel where you will get your best window view of Shimla for the best price you can’t even imagine. Shimla’s exotic, eye-captivating places are in walkable distances, which helps you save your cost on traveling.

If you are planning to visit Shimla, consider all the suggestions of places to visit and accommodations to stay.


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