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Lakkar Bazaar is a renowned place for wooden articles and toys and is often flocked by tourists from around the world. The bazaar is a marketplace adjoining the Ridge of Shimla. The wooden items are made by Sikh carpenters settled here for the past two generations. The wooden walking sticks crafted by these artists are very famous around the world.

The roller skating rink in Lakkar Bazaar is a much-visited place by roller skating enthusiasts. The place is a small village in itself. The Indira Gandhi Medical College sits right adjacent to the Lakkar Bazaar. Various hotels like Royale Retreat, Diplomat hotel are also present nearby.

Lakkar Bazaar is the doorway to sightseeing spots like Chapslee Estate, Longwood, and other prime areas or localities of Shimla. The eatery named Sita Ram is well known for its chole bhature and aloo tikki. The areas surrounding Lakkar Bazaar, like Regal Building, Roller Skating Hall, and Meena Bazaar, are must-visit places for tourists.

The weather around the bazaar is very pleasant during summers and is bitterly cold during winters. Lakkar Bazaar is home to antique works, Himachali handicrafts, pashmina shawls, and artificial jewelry. The roads are narrow and are always covered with tourists. The place is filled with eateries and stalls offerings lip-smacking and pocket-friendly.

The bazaar area is always considered a magical place. There are various adjoining places that can be checked out during your visit to the Lakkar Bazaar. Some famous tourist attractions nearby are:

Jakhoo Hill –

The Ridge –

Kali Bari temple –