Royale Retreat Hotel



The Ridge is an identity of Shimla, like how the Great Wall is for China! The Ridge road is a vast open space located at the heart of Shimla. It is the hub for all the cultural activities in Shimla. The major vacation spots in Shimla is connected via the Ridge.

The east side of the Ridge connects to the Lakkar Bazaar, while the west side connects to the Mall Road. The winter season is one of the most pleasant experiences in Shimla as the country witnesses its first major snowfall of the year.

The Ridge offers diverse experiences ranging from shops that sell artifacts to spots that offer a spectacular view of the snow-capped Himalayas. The old British settlements beckon visitors from all over the world. The ridge is home to pine, firs, Himalayan Oak, and Rhododendron trees.

The open space of the Ridge is a social hub of the city. The road is lined on either side with cafes, bars, boutiques, shops, and restaurants attracting the huge crowd from in and around the city. The ridge is one of the most sought after tourist attractions in Shimla.

The Christ Church is the most prominent landmark in the Ridge area. The neo-Gothic structure built in 1844 is a religious spot for tourists seeking religious activities. Cardinal Royal Retreat is situated right near the ridge to provide a pleasant stay and comfort for the guests coming in to witness and experience the scenic beauty of Shimla. The impeccable stay and comfort provided at the 3-star hotel are unparalleled with lavish luxury and grandiose.