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The Tani Jubbar Lake is more of a pond than a lake. It is water-fed artificially and sports an oval shape. The lake is situated at a distance of 70 km away from Shimla and is exactly 12 km from Narkanda. There is an encircled pathway that paves into descending slopes filled with Spruce and Blue Pine trees.

The place that surrounds the lake is fascinating and is an ideal picnic spot for family and friends. The thick forest of cedar trees encircling the spot gives the place an absolute serenity and worthwhile ambiance. The snow-covered peaks are visible from this spot during a clear sunny day.

The open spaces near the Tani Jubbar Lake make it convenient for adventure lovers and campers to pitch their tents and enjoy the night under the sparkling stars. The lake is also famous for the ‘Nag Devta’ temple it houses. The locals here offer prayers to the serpent god, who is considered to be very powerful and sacred.

The annual colorful fair of Tani Jubbar is held around the Tani Jubbar Lake and is attended by the local people adorning colorful costumes. The deity is also decorated and dressed up colorfully, and the whole fair goes on for 2-3 days.

One can take a peaceful dip in the lake and enjoy some barbeque beside it. It is a perfect spot for camping and enjoying a peaceful vacation. Ensure that all the necessary equipment and clothing is packed up for the small picnic near the Tani Jubbar Lake.