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” Shimla offers amazing shopping options for the shopaholics. Shimla is famous for its intricately carved wooden items, the Kullu and Kinnauri shawls, the Tibetan carpets, Kinnauri mufflers, scarfs, Kinnauri winter garments, Pashmina shawls and the Tibetan jewellery. Some of the best places to shop in Shimla are – the Lakkar Bazaar, Lower Bazaar, The Mall, Himachal Emporium and the Tibetan Market. “


Located on a narrow road adjoining the Ridge, the Lakkar bazaar is a most popular spot where tourists come to buy decorative wooden items and souvenirs, woolen garments, pashmina shawls, Kullu shawls and artificial jewelry. As the name suggests (lakkad meaning wood), Lakkar Bazaar is known for its wood-carving products. All the products are made from the wood of walnut and deodar trees. Some of the popular gift-items include- toys , key chains of wood , walking sticks, rolling pins, decorative boxes, clocks, pens, kitchenware, home décor items, etc. Also available are woolen shawls and Himachali caps.


The Mall Road is a shopping paradise and an ideal place to hang out with family and friends. Lined up with colonial buildings and structures, you will come across various shops selling Himachali handicrafts, souvenirs, jewellery, pottery items, locally designed woolen clothing, toys, shawls, wooden articles, etc. Mall Road is a shopping hub for the locals as well as the tourists. The government run emporiums and several private outlets are also located here.

Trishool Bakers & Confectioners is one of the most well-known confectionery shops on the Mall Road which was set up in the year 1919.Trishool is famous for its delectable pastries, patties,cookies and plum cake.

One can also stop by at the famous  Indian coffee house (ICH)  on the Mall Road for a cup of coffee. The place, which was set up in 1728, still maintains charm of the bygone era and is a popular joint among the locals of Shimla.


If you’re in the mood to shop for locally made handicrafts at pocket friendly prices, Himachal Emporium is just the place for you. Run by the Himachal Pradesh Government, the Himachal Emporium on the Mall Road is one of the best and most reasonable spots in Shimla to buy locally made handicrafts, pottery items, woollen wear, jewellery items, Kinnauri shawls and beautiful souvenirs.


The Lower Bazaar lies below the mall road  and is lined up with shops setting utility items for the locals. The most interesting part of this bazaar is the endless mazes of narrow lanes which merge into one another and there are lanes full of shops for every need. Narrow staircases after every gap merge with the Mall Road in an interesting way. The streets are crowded with shops selling almost everything from apparel to vegetables, fruits, grocery, mobile phones, wooden items to various utility items.


The Tibetan Refugee market is near the famous Scandal Point. A narrow passage down the hill from the road intersecting Mall Road and the Ridge leads to the Tibetan market. The market has street-side vendors and small shops selling a variety of Tibetan handicrafts, woolen apparels like jackets, sweaters, scarves, mufflers and leather boots and many other interesting and exotic items from Tibet.


Local Handicrafts

Wooden items, decorative items, wooden carvings, wooden toys, carpets, metal items and shawls

Himachali Hats

Himachali Hats  are colourful caps worn in winters. They are the symbol of Himachal Pradesh’s pride.

Handmade Items

These are made by the local artisans and natives and they portray the culture of the state.

Wooden Items

These are made by local artisans with good quality wood. Their intricate  workmanship make them popular among the tourists.

Traditional Jewelry

A wide variety of traditional jewellery made of beads, wood, and other materials in colorful and bold styles is quite popular.