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Naldehra is a small mesmerizing hill station atop Himachal Pradesh. It is 2044 meters above sea level and is a perfect destination for tourists eyeing out for scenic beauty. The Golf course and plain view of the mountains filled with pine trees is a mesmerizing sight.

Tourists can have a magnificent view of the lush green valley with clouds touching down at regular intervals. Naldehra offers a peaceful and adventurous environment for all tourists and visitors. Lush green valleys surround the place, and magnificent peaks blended with freshwater springs can be spotted.

Naldehra derives its name from Nag and Dehra, meaning the abode of the King of Snakes. Dedicated temple to the Serpent Lord called the Mahunag temple is a well known religious shrine.


  • Temples, lakes, and hot water springs.
  • The golf course and its scenic beauty
  • Tattapani is famous for its hot water springs, which contain Sulphur.
  • Sipi- A famous fair in Naldehra held every year in June.
  • Annual Jotton Ka Mela (Bull Fight Fest) is held in October every year.

Naldehra is famous for its spruce pines, plum trees, and berries that retain their charms. The Shaily peak and seven sisters block the fantastic view of the snow-capped Himalayas. Golf is one of the primary factors that bring people to Naldehra. Excursions to picnic spots, long walk through pine-lined roads, or the discovery of old English-style cottages in the surrounding villages are some activities the tourists can look forward to.