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Mashobra is a charming little hill retreat located in Shimla. The location is bestowed with an alluring beauty along with gurgling streams, appealing fruit orchards, and lush oak forests. It is the most tranquil destination to spend some peaceful time soaking in the soothing surroundings of Mother Nature.

The gorgeous hill town is a place that attracts history buffs, spiritual travelers, and cultural seekers. For those adventure seekers, the hills in Mashobra are indeed packed with several programs to satisfy their adrenaline cravings.

Soaring Himalayan peaks, scintillating streams, bright green forests, and the great weather defines the attractive haven of Mashobra. The town is often nicknamed ‘Quiet Shimla’ as it stands as an undiscovered paradise with a few footfalls of tourists, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking serenity and solitude, away from the hustle-bustle of the city life.

When in Mashobra, one must visit Craignano and the famous Reserve Forest Sanctuary. Those looking to discover these little known traditions must head to Mahasu Devta temple in May when this tiny town erupts into celebrations with the vibrant festival of ‘Mahasu Jatara’. Here are the main attractions in Mashobra that will take your breath away.


Situated on the Shimla-Naldehra highway, Craignano is located at an altitude of 7,700 ft above sea level and is well-known for the beautiful Italian style villa. The villa was built by an Italian photographer called Chevalier Federico Peliti, who named the villa in memory of his hometown, Craignano. It is surrounded by small streams and forests of oak and pine trees. This villa comprises a large lawn, stone benches, and night lamps that constitute the colonial era’s architectural style.

Craignano is also very popular as it has the world’s highest water lift that is located at an altitude of around 7657 ft. This water lift was earlier built by the British but is currently used to supply water to Shimla and neighboring areas.


Mahasu Devta Temple is the religious site dedicated to Lord Shiva. The deity is also known as Mahasu Devta to the locals. While traveling to Mashobra, devotees or tourists can participate in Mahasu Jatara, an annual festival which is held every year in May with great passion and delight.


Reserve Forest Sanctuary is covered with trees of cedar, oak, and pine. The location is blessed with a huge diversity of flora and fauna, and the sanctuary is one of the largest watersheds in Asia. The sanctuary is surrounded by the Indus river and is home to various flora, fauna, and avifauna.

The forest includes trees of pine, cedar, oak, and rhododendron. Wildlife lovers may catch a glimpse of Kakkar (the barking deer), Himalayan eagle, Jackals, and leopards within the sanctuary. Birds like the Himalayan eagle, Pheasant, and Chukar partridge are also found here. You should visit this sanctuary with friends or family as you’ll have a fantastic experience to treasure forever.

Mashobra is a blissful getaway situated on the lap of the Himalayas at an altitude of 2246m, still unexplored and untouched. Mashobra’s proximity to Shimla makes it a perfect alternative for people who are looking for a peaceful little hill-station. Royale Retreat, located 11 km from Mashobra, provides you with the perfect stay after visiting the beautiful natural beauty of Mashobra.