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Have you ever heard of Italian-styled villas situated on the Shimla-Naldehra highway? If yes, then you are probably looking at a habitat called Craignano. The area sits at an altitude of 7,700 ft above sea level and houses the beautiful Italian-styled villa constructed by Chevalier Federico Peliti. The Italian photographer named this villa in memory of his hometown ‘Craignano’.

The villa is situated amidst small streams and a forest of oak & pine trees. The architectural delight includes items from the colonial era like sprawling lawn, night lamps, and stone benches. Craignano is also well-known for housing the world’s highest water lift that stands tall at an altitude of 7657 ft above sea level. The water lift was constructed by the British to supply water in and around Shimla.

The scenic Craignano was originally the summer resort for the Italian countess and is just a few kilometers from Naldehra. The gardens are filled with varieties of daffodils, asphodels, celandine, and hyacinths. The wooden architecture of the villa makes it a memorable sight to behold. The place also houses adventure activities like fishing, rappelling, rock climbing, and many more.

The Craignano Nature Park is spread across 9.6 hectares and is filled with exotic flowers and trees making it an enviable sight during spring. The park sits on top of the Mashobra Hill and has become an entertainment hub for families and tourists during the day and for animals & birds during the night.

Craignano has been spotted in many movies due to the view and ambiance it provides. Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots, Amitabh Bachan’s Black, and many more movies were shot in this place. The tourists might also get a glimpse of Wahida Rehman, who has a bungalow nearby.