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The mesmerizing waterfall is one of the best and most visited tourist attractions in Shimla. The charm of Chadwick Falls is so ethereal that water runs extremely fast to get scattered like shining white beads at the bottom. The lushness of pine trees and dense forests surrounds the falls as if concealing the milky flow as their own from the prying eyes of humankind.

With her irresistible beauty, the falls continue to etch a new definition for nature’s magic in the hearts of every visitor, venturing to witness its shimmer every year. Located at the Glen Forest, Chadwick Falls is approximately 7 kilometers away from Shimla City and 4 kilometers apart from the Summer Hills. The height of the fall is almost 86 meters. A visitor can seek abode in its lap by traveling in a bus or taxi. Shimla railway station is just one kilometer away.

The aboriginal population of the past called this mysterious and serene waterfall ‘Chidku Jhaar’. ‘Jhaar’ stands for the waterfall, and ‘Chidka’ means bird. So, when translated, it means waterfall at a height only birds can reach! The present name of Chadwick Falls came from the British regime.

Visit the spot at any time of the year. Peak season is during monsoon – August to September. The destination also has some ancient temples nearby to inspire history lovers.