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If you are a Chionophile, it will be a joy to experience the divine beauty of Shimla in December. The hill station witnesses heavy snowfall during the winter season, and the sight is heavenly with all its snow-clad mountains. It would be best if you visit Shimla during Christmas or New Year’s time.

This winter paradise is a lively place with a celebratory mood in the air. Celebrating New Year in Shimla will be a memorable experience that you will cherish throughout the year. Here is how we suggest you spend your time during this joyous season.


An adventure sports enthusiast will relish Shimla during the winter season. Shimla has the biggest and the only natural ice-skating course in India. One can also head to Kufri, situated 16 km away from Shimla, to practice horse riding and skiing. Kufri is popularly known as Shimla’s winter capital, and it attracts adventure sports enthusiasts from across the world and has beginner and advanced skiing slopes. Playing in the snow will lift one’s spirits.


Shimla transforms into a festive and celebratory mood in December with carnivals, vibrant colors, and events transpiring all over the town. Mall Road and the Ridge are attractive destinations for tourists during the winter period. The restaurants and showrooms offer massive discounts during this period.

For shopaholics, a visit to the mall road will be an absolute delight. Walking down the mall road in the cold weather will make your experience memorable. One should visit the bakeries and enjoy the delicious savory options and desserts curated for festive seasons. Many hotels organize special events and parties for the tourists to celebrate the joyous festival.


During the Christmas season, churches are decorated beautifully and adorned. On the eve of Christmas, one can attend the church choir’s carols and prayers to enrich the experience. The famous Christ Church is the second oldest church in India, and a visit here is a must during the Christmas period.

Visit Shimla in December to witness Shimla turn into a winter wonderland. Royale Retreat is the perfect hotel to lift your winter spirits as it is situated perfectly in the town’s center that enhances the experience, and makes your trip unforgettable. The staff treats all customers extremely well, ensuring their trip is like a fairytale. Enjoy a cup of tea with the chilly winds, and we guarantee a mesmerizing experience for you!